Ho Ho Home!

What is Santa’s Woodshop?

Many years ago, before plastic, most toys were made of wood or straw. After Christmas and a little rest, Santa spends most of his time working in his woodshop. He designs and builds his favorite toys by hand, one at a time. Because they are all hand-made, one at a time, they are very limited.

Only when the elves are caught up building the modern toys are they able to help Santa with his special wood toys. You can tell if the toy was made by Santa or one of the elves because each toy is marked by its maker.

The Spirit of Christmas

Most people only think of Santa as Christmas draws near. North of the equator, as the weather starts to turn cold, children start thinking about the Christmas holidays. Closer to and South of the Equator, as the weather warms, Christmas is coming closer.

Christmas is celebrated at different times based on local tradition from late December to early January. You can learn more about this in our Santa's History section. It has names other than Christmas which is the Christian version of the holiday. In almost every version of Christmas there is a single theme: Unconditional love and Unselfish giving. Santa is the symbol of this as the Spirit of Christmas.

Christmas is for everyone, young and not so young. For those of you that are having a hard time finding the Spirit of Christmas, Close Your Eyes and remember that time that you did BELIEVE and how it made you feel inside.

Santa wishes you Love and Joy and that everyone keep the Spirit of Christmas in their hearts all 365 days of each and every year!