Having Santa visit your family, friends, and co-workers provides a wonderful holiday experience and memories of holiday joy that will last for years to come. When Santa stops in for a visit, children can sit on his knee and have a conversation without the crowds and rush. Santa in not camera shy and would love to be part of your family pictures so that you can capture those joyous and magical moments.

santa visit

Family Visits

Have Santa come to your home for a personal visit with your children, grandchildren and even parents and grandparents. Create wonderful holiday memories and photo opportunities that will last a lifetime.


A wonderful way to bring holiday cheer to your business is to have Santa visit your store or business for your employees Christmas Party, with your customers and their children as a customer appreciation.

Santa is pet friendly so visits to pet stores are most welcome. Pets are family too, so get that family Christmas picture including the pets. Get the entire family in the picture.

Support Our Troops

Charity Visits

Santa has a special place in his heart for our service men and women and their families, especially when family is deployed. He loves children of all ages and believes that Christmas Magic is to be shared with everyone. Especially with children and adults that have special needs. As a member of Santa America, Santa Steve serves military and specials need groups and no cost. He will come to your event to help pass out the gift exchange presents, sit for pictures, accept letters and have a conversation with the children of all ages.

Charity visits are avilbe for: Military, Non-Profit, Charity, Church Functions.

Catch Santa

Many children excitedly stay awake, hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa visiting their house with his goodies. Because Santa can make it around the world so fast these days, we can arrange a very special visit on Christmas Eve that lets the children "Catch Santa" placing gifts under your tree. The entire family will enjoy this and just think of the memories and stories that will live beyond the visit. The children will talk about this well into their adult years. What a wonderful Christmas gift!

Check the Rates and Availability.

If you are interested or have any questions, send a note to Santa.

Phone: 256-883-4880